A typical Sardinian house has been completely renovated to offer a nice stay to lovers of peace for a sun / sea / nature holiday, just over 1 km from the most beautiful beaches of Sant’Antioco island. Inside a full fenced property, in the middle of the Mediterranean, with a gorgeous sea view, with the smaller islands of the Sulcis archipelago that peek at you, the surrounding countryside, and the pleasant smell of the typical “macchia mediterranea”, the farmhouse offers total privacy (only a family at a time), the possibility to feel at home, and all comforts. You can cook your own food as you like (fresh fish from fishermen worth a try…), whashed with the wonderful local wine.

We are so proud of our surroundings: they are so beautiful that they were chosen as the location by the actor and singer Gianni Morandi for the second TV series of the fiction "The Island of Peter", which was very popular with the public. The set this year will remain open until the end of September, shooting a series of filming in one of the most famous and beloved places of our island: the Semaforo di Capo Sperone, a few hundred meters from our farmhouse "Erbe Matte" and from the "Semaforo di Capo Sperone" B & B. The airing is scheduled in autumn this year on prime time, Channel 5.- Details...



Safari Lodge

Geodetic dome


Big Safari