Erbe Matte is a small scale farm, located in Sant'Antioco, a really charming island in Sardinia, Italy. On 10 acres of stunning beauty, Erbe Matte produces food: food is the main way humanity explores its connection with the natural environment.

We grow our own vegetables, herbs, fruits in a land which we'd painstakingly brought back to life after 50 years of total neglect, and we planted a lovely flowered garden all around our home, because we all love beauty and colour. We take care of the land and live in synergy with Mother Nature.

We know full well that methods of modern agriculture sometimes can be harmful, we know there is a niche for quality produce grown the way that Mother Nature intended it to be: natural and organic. Our microclimate is windy, dry and sunny: it can be hard to manage with. But the unpolluted soil provides an environment in which we successfully produce our herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

We take special care to select and grow specific crop varieties where exceptional flavour is the focus, giving a great-tasting produce to consumers. The genuine quality of the produce is our goal, using the wholesome farming practices to create it.

We have, here in Sant'Antioco, a cozy country house for rent, if you like to enjoy the countryside and the sea, as well. We are also passionate about wellness: personal care products, free of toxins and harmful chemicals, carefully handcrafted using natural organic ingredients, as tradition teaches. We think whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly; whoever sows generously will also reap generously.